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Dog Paw Charm personalized

Dog Paw Charm personalized

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Personalized Dog Paw Charm in fine silver
Do you love your dog? Sure you do! Show your love. This large dog paw charm is custom made in fine (pure) silver and can be slipped on a chain and worn as a necklace or added to a bracelet. The charm measures approximately 17 mm diameter (approximately 11/16th inch diameter) and features dog paw. You can personalize this charm with one word or name. Each charm is custom made.

What is Fine Silver?

It's 99.9% pure silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with other metals, usually copper. Since fine silver has a higher percentage of silver than sterling silver, the result is a bright, shiny beautiful finish. We are excited to bring you our new line of fine silver personalized jewelry created right in our own design studio by metalsmith artisans at Pretty Personal Gifts. 

Turn Around Time
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