About Monograms

About Monograms
A monogram is typically made up of letters representing a person's three initials. The order of the three letters depends on the font style you select. Look at our font style chart to find the lettering style you like. When you see the letter in the center is taller then that letter represents the person's last name (see example below)

The order of the monogram in this case would be first / LAST / middle. 
If all letters in the monogram are the same height, the monogram order is first / middle / last. Examples are font style #26 and #12 on our font style chart.  Font style #18 is also arranged in the order first middle last. If you are unsure, give us the person's full name in the special instructions box at check out.

When ordering, give us the 3 letter monogram EXACTLY as it will appear on the item. Please note that we do not rearrange the letters of a monogram after you give it to us. Enter the letters in your instructions EXACTLY as you want them to appear on item you are purchasing. If in doubt, give us the person's full name and we'll determine what the monogram should be. Don't rearrange the name though! Give it to us in the correct "name" order so we can work up the monogram for you. If you mix up the name we'll have no way of knowing you did that and the monogram will come out wrong. 

Example : for Kate A. Miller
Kate A. Miller is the name order
KMA is the first LAST middle monogram order
KAM is the first middle last monogram order

Picking a Font Style
Please see our font style chart to view all available font styles. The left side of the chart features font styles that can be used for names and text (not monograms). The right side of the chart shows font styles used for monograms. Select the corresponding number from the drop down menu on the order form after viewing our font style chart 
-Monogram font styles 12,18 and 26 are in the order "first middle last"
-All other monogram font styles (on the right side of our chart) are in the order "first LAST middle"
-The left side of the chart is for names and words, not monograms
Picking a Thread Color 
Please see our thread color chart to see available colors. 

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