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Silver Hand Stamped Charm - pure (fine) silver

Silver Hand Stamped Charm - pure (fine) silver

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Pure (Fine) Silver Hand Stamped Round Charm - available in 4 sizes 

What is Fine Silver ? It's 99.9% pure silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with other metals, usually copper. Since fine silver has a higher percentage of silver than sterling silver, the result is a bright, shiny beautiful finish. Our fine silver personalized jewelry is created right in our own design studio by metalsmith artisans at Pretty Personal Gifts. 

Mini Round Charm 
 (11mm diameter) (up to 3 letters)
Small Round Charm
 (13mm diameter) (up to 5 letters)
Medium Round Charm
  (16mm diameter) (up to 8 letters)
Large Round Charm
  (19mm diameter) (up to 10 letters)

About Our Fine Silver Hand Stamped Charms

  • 99.9% pure (fine) silver
  • available in 4 sizes
  • add a Swarovski Crystal or pearl dangle 
  • add a sterling silver chain
  • hand stamped on the front only

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