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Red Dingo Designer Series Dog & Pet Tags

Red Dingo Designer Series Dog & Pet Tags

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Red Dingo Designer Series Dog & Pet Tags - Personalized & Designed by you! Stainless Steel Pet & Dog Tags by Red Dingo - You pick the size & design, then enjoy free shipping & free engraving. The designer series does not offer the ability to change colors. Colors will be as shown

Small Dog Tag - 3/4" dia. (up to 3 lines - 12 characters per line) 
Medium Dog Tag - 1" dia. (up to 4 line - 6 characters per line) 
Large Dog Tag - 1 1/2" dia (up to 5 lines - 19 characters per line)

These stainless steel and enamel pet ID tags by Red Dingo are stylish and affordable. They are thicker than any dog tag we have ever seen. Available in 3 sizes, 11 colors and 21 designs, each tags come with a stainless steel ring to secure it to your dog's collar.

Here are some do's & don'ts if you find yourself running out of room on your tag:

include a phone number or two on the tag, and of course, the pet's name. "Reward" is another good thing to include if you are offering one.

Don't include things like zip codes (since no one mails a pet back to it's owner) and other information that is not necessary such as "I don't bite". If the person who finds your dog gets close enough to read your dog's tag, chances are they'll already know if your dog bites. Most people who find your pet will call you before doing anything else, so stick with the most important information before including things like your own name or zip code. The number of characters includes spaces, so take that into consideration when you are entering your text below. If you go over the character limit, your tag won't be engraved until we contact you to discuss a revision, so please pay particular attention to the limits for each size tag.

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