Hand Stamped Charm - sterling silver

$ 20.00

This is the original hand stamped charm that we started making and offering at Pretty Personal Gifts 18 years ago! Our custom made sterling silver hand stamped charms can be personalized to include names, date or word(s) of your choice as long as space permits. We only stamp on the front of this charm. See examples of the 3 available font styles below. 

Our custom made sterling silver charms are not engraved, they are hand forged, distressed and hand stamped for a very contemporary look. As such the alignment of each letter is not exact. This adds to the hand crafted appeal of each piece. We've been doing this a long time. Returning & new customers please let us know if you are trying to match an old charm. 

About Our Hand Stamped Charms

  • 3/4" diameter ($25.00)
  •  5/8" diameter ($22.50)
  • 1/2" diameter ($20.00)
  • .925 sterling silver
  • add a Swarovski Crystal or pearl dangle $5
  • add a sterling silver chain starting at $15
  • hand stamped on the front only

Turn Around Time
This item ships approximately 2 weeks after the order date 
Transit time to you is additional

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